Jon Bowermaster

A six-time grantee of the National Geographic Expeditions Council and award-winning writer and filmmaker, Bowermaster's ten-year-long OCEANS 8 project took him and his teams around the world by sea kayak, from the Aleutian Islands to Vietnam, French Polynesia to Chile/Argentina/Bolivia, Gabon to Croatia and Tasmania to Antarctica.

Author of a dozen books and a dozen documentary films, Jon was recently named one of a dozen Ocean Heroes by the National Geographic Society. His website and blog, Notes from Sea Level, continues his reporting on the world’s coastlines, the people who live along them and issues of importance to anyone interested in and concerned about the planet’s one ocean.

A longtime resident of New York’s Hudson Valley, his most recent documentary, Dear Governor Cuomo, looks at the controversy around hydraulic fracturing in his own backyard. His next film, Antarctica 3D: On the Edge, is due out in Fall 2013.