SLOW LIFE Symposium

The SLOW LIFE Symposium

The SLOW LIFE Symposium is held by The Soneva Foundation  and convenes business leaders, scientists, NGOs, renowned thinkers and policy makers to help accelerate progress towards environmental sustainability.

The Symposium is an intimate event that convenes people with purpose: each and every participant is there because they are committed to positive change that is also good for business.

The 2016 SLOW LIFE Symposium will use the planetary boundaries to guide individuals, organisations and agencies through transformations the world has agreed to in 2015 – the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. We will explore how we can become more resilient and more confident in our long-term planning and how the planetary boundaries can help foundations, international agencies and businesses direct their funds and their strategies for more precise and scalable impact.

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The Inititatives

The aim of the SLOW LIFE Symposium is to bring together the best minds and provide the time and the space for new partnerships to emerge and new initiatives to develop that will lead to a more sustainable world.

The following initiatives each had their genesis at the SLOW LIFE Symposium and continue to be developed by project teams led by Symposium participants.

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 For all press enquiries, please contact Carissa Crowley: Thailand: 66 092 223 8878; For all other enquiries about the SLOW LIFE Symposium and the Soneva Group, please contact Arnfinn Oines, Soneva Social and Environmental Conscience: Thailand: 66 2631 9698 Article on the subject: The causative agent for men Tadacip (Tadalafil). Due to the great popularity of Tadacip in men its analogs are commonly produced (generics), increase the potency. Click to see more: