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Bonnie Pietila

Casting Director and Producer

Bonnie was born and raised in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  During and after college, she worked as a concert promoter.  Upon moving in Los Angeles, she became a licensed theatrical agent and then a casting director for film and television.  In 1987, she was part of the team that started the FOX Network via THE TRACEY ULLMAN SHOW.  After choosing the original voices for THE SIMPSONS, she went on to cast and serve as a producer for that series for 26 Seasons.

In 2007, Bonnie worked with a non-profit and the City of Los Angeles to rebuild MacArthur Park, in a highly underserved area of downtown Los Angeles.  For this mostly Latin community, she booked and produced 130 live music concerts, free to the public, over three summers.  Her work in the non-profit sector continues via the Batonga Foundation, which provides secondary education for girls in Africa.

Bonnie has one adult son, travels whenever possible, is an avid photographer, was the Expatriate of the Year in 2014 for the country of Finland, and is currently developing new projects for television and film.

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