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The Initiatives


Ocean Awareness Exchange

Symposium participants Peggy Liu of JUCCCE and Hanli Prinsloo of I AM WATER both campaign to increase environmental awareness about the challenges facing the world’s oceans. Following the 2014 SLOW LIFE Symposium, they are planning a nationwide competition for Chinese youths to win an ‘ocean week’ at Soneva Fushi.

The journey of the competition winners from China to the Maldives will be filmed as the children learn about the challenges facing the oceans and specifically the Maldives and as they adapt their everyday habits to conserve the oceans.

China is a very important target audience for ocean conservation due to its large population and high demand for seafood. The stakes are high and dialogue has historically been difficult.  Coverage of the competition will be released as two-minute online video segments which are extremely popular in China. The aim is to contribute to an environmental consciousness in China that will help conserve the world’s oceans.

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