System Innovation: Capitalism Within Planetary Boundaries

13-16 November 2014 - Soneva Fushi, Maldives

Author: Peter Head

Participants at the 2014 SLOW LIFE Symposium.

The Brewery: Capitalism within Planetary Boundaries

Tuesday 31st of March, 2015

Successful initiatives such as WHOLE WORLD Water and Learn to Swim were born out of the SLOW LIFE Symposium. Following the 2014 Symposium, a special edition of The Brewery was produced on the themes discussed at the Symposium. This series of essays and thought pieces from Symposium participants and our extended network sets out some ... more

SLOW LIFE Symposia 1

SLOW LIFE Symposia: Maldives

Thursday 27th of November, 2014

Participants of the SLOW LIFE Symposia: Maldives

Immediately following the 2014 SLOW LIFE Symposium, Soneva Fushi also played host to the first in a new event series, SLOW LIFE Symposia.  While the SLOW LIFE Symposium looks at global sustainability issues and convenes global thought leaders and experts, the Symposia series takes a complimentary ... more


Day Three of the 2014 SLOW LIFE Symposium

Tuesday 18th of November, 2014

Rain during a break out session at the SLOW LIFE Symposium
The third and final day of the SLOW LIFE symposium 2014, was devoted to debating projections for the future of philanthropy and committing to clear post event actions.
The official dictionary definition of philanthropy means “love of humanity” and the “caring, nourishing, ... more

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Day Two of the SLOW LIFE Symposium

Monday 17th of November, 2014

Hanli Prinsloo, Founder of I AM WATER

2014 SLOW LIFE Symposium participants explored the Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Reserve today both figuratively and literally. It is a sanctuary for hard and soft corals and marine life, including manta rays and whale sharks, and it provides the livelihood of the island communities, both through ... more


Day One of the 2014 SLOW LIFE Symposium

Saturday 15th of November, 2014

Earlier this year the CEO of Apple made headlines after a heated exchange with a challenging group of shareholders. After repeated interrogation about the profitability of Apple’s renewable energy investments, Tim Cook told the group: “If you want me to do things only for ROI reasons you should get out… We want ... more



Friday 14th of November, 2014

Peter Wheeler, Executive Vice President, The Nature Conservancy, and a founding trustee of New Philanthropy Capital. He is participating in the 2014 SLOW LIFE Symposium. Today he will join the session Finance for a Sustainable World which will ask if we are experiencing tokenistic reforms in our financial systems that merely defer more profound ... more


2013-14 Soneva Sustainability Report

Thursday 6th of November, 2014

The Soneva Sustainability Report 2013-14 details the range of sustainable activities that cumulate in 79% of waste being recycled and carbon reduction projects that will mitigate more than one million tonnes of CO2. 
Waste to Wealth
Soneva has increased its recycling capacity from 27% in 2008-09 to 79% in 2013-14. This is a ... more

symposium 2

Regreening Myanmar

Monday 20th of October, 2014

Lay Nyunt Aung loads his cow cart with wood he has foraged for cooking fuel
Lay Nyunt Aung looks out across the desolate landscape that stretches in front of him.  The scratchy dry ground shows few signs of life, though until recently this land provided a precious source of fire wood for local ... more


A Solar Revolution – the positive impact of solar power around the world.

Thursday 11th of September, 2014

Jonathon Porrit is the Chair of the SLOW LIFE Symposium.  He is Founder Director of Forum for the Future. This article first appeared on Jonathon’s own blog.
One of the very first big pieces of research that Forum for the Future conducted was for BP in the late 1990s, looking at the prospects for the growth ... more

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