System Innovation: Capitalism Within Planetary Boundaries

13-16 November 2014 - Soneva Fushi, Maldives

Author: Jon Bowermaster

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Regreening Myanmar

Monday 20th of October, 2014

Li Nyunt Aung loads his cow cart with wood he has foraged for cooking fuel
Li Nyunt Aung looks out across the desolate landscape that stretches in front of him.  The scratchy dry ground shows few signs of life, though until recently this land provided a precious source of fire wood for local ... more


A Solar Revolution – the positive impact of solar power around the world.

Thursday 11th of September, 2014

Jonathon Porrit is the Chair of the SLOW LIFE Symposium.  He is Founder Director of Forum for the Future. This article first appeared on Jonathon’s own blog.
One of the very first big pieces of research that Forum for the Future conducted was for BP in the late 1990s, looking at the prospects for the growth ... more

Learn to swim continues

Learn to Swim Resumes

Written by Isha Afeef
Even before the students have come onto the jetty, their eager voices are asking for Nate, for Jamie, for Patti, for all the instructors and familiar faces from the previous Swim Camp. The nervous anticipation in the air and the excitement to be going back in the water again ... more

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SLOW LIFE Foundation runner up at 2degrees Champion Awards 2014

Wednesday 30th of July, 2014

Woman collecting firewood.  Credit: Adam Oswell
The SLOW LIFE Foundation was runner-up at the 2degrees Champions Awards 2014 category Social Value. It was recognised for the Myanmar Stoves Campaign project which provides energy efficient cookstoves for families in rural Myanmar.
By Arnfinn Oines
Myanmar is one of the world’s least developed countries, ... more


Pledges and new partnerships conclude the Soneva Learn-to-Swim programme

Tuesday 17th of June, 2014

All participants in the Soneva Learn-to-Swim programme concluded their two week intensive programme with snorkelling on the Soneva Fushi reef
On the last day of the Soneva Learn-to-Swim programme, the excitement in the air is palpable.  Today the classes will go to the reef edge and snorkel for the first time. Both the children’s ... more


Children and mothers complete the Soneva Learn-To-Swim programme

Monday 9th of June, 2014

The children’s class wave goodbye at the conclusion of the Soneva Learn-To-Swim programme
This blog is posted by Isha Afeef, manager of the Soneva Fushi Social and Environmental Responsibility Fund.  She is an instructor on the Learn-to-Swim programme and a recent convert to swimming.
We walk into the school to find the students seated ... more


World Environment Day

Thursday 5th of June, 2014

On World Environment Day, the children from Baa Atoll Education Centre on Eydhafushi will receive their certificates of achievement from Soneva Fushi for their participation in the two week intensive Learn-to-Swim programme.
One of the greatest challenges facing the instructors as the programme concludes is how to continue the momentum the classes have started. An ... more


Swimming is a family affair

Eight year old Minhaal hesitates on the edge of the jetty at Soneva Fushi.  He is poised to jump into deep water for the first time, but fear almost gets the better of him.  Taking a deep breath, he braces himself and takes a leap of faith.  A leap into the deep blue ocean ... more

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Learning to teach, learning to swim

Leela swimming at Soneva Fushi in the mothers’ class
Isha Afeef is Social and Environmental Responsibility Fund Manager at Soneva Fushi. She is 20 years old and grew up in Male. While supporting the Learn to Swim programme. She has learnt to swim herself and has been snorkeling for the first time.
If you’d ... more

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