Help crowd-source Maldives’ carbon neutral plan

In what is almost certainly a world first, the Government of the Maldives has launched a ‘crowd-sourcing’ website to help develop its energy and climate strategy.

Last year, President Nasheed announced plans to turn the Maldives into the world’s first carbon neutral country by 2020.  This ambitious target was born of two concerns: firstly, the Maldives is one of the world’s most vulnerable nations – a mere 50cm rise in sea level would render most of the country uninhabitable.  Secondly, the Maldives is overly dependent on foreign oil, leaving the economy dangerously exposed to oil price shocks.

To turn the carbon neutral ambition into reality, the government has published the Renewable Energy Investment Framework (REIF).  Electricity is the Maldives’ biggest consumer of oil and REIF lays out plans for decarbonising the sector.  The new website aims to access global expertise in areas of renewable technology and finance, drawing from experts, academics and commercial enterprises.  The government recognises that to achieve its goal to be the world’s first carbon neutral country by 2020, it needs world class help to make REIF into a reality.

This is an incredible opportunity for many:  for those who share their time and their expertise to contribute to a project that has the potential to change the landscape on energy autonomy across the globe; for the citizens of the Maldives to input directly to their country’s ground-breaking policy; and for governments around the world to access the contributions which will be accessible and – in many instances – replicable around the world.

The interactive discussion site is an initiative to both develop and improve the Renewable Energy Investment Framework. It will serve as a source of new ideas and inputs for our investment plans.  The site is structured by theme – such as ‘Energy Storage, System Control and Demand Management’ or ‘Tourism’ – with a list of 65 key questions.

Please take the time to contribute your expertise and to encourage your networks to do the same.  By doing so, you will be participating in something truly remarkable.

Visit the site – Maldives Forum.

Mike Mason, Energy Advisor to President of Maldives, will present the Renewable Energy Investment Framework to the Symposium on Saturday 8th October.


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